COVID – 19 Parish Information

How was this decision made – Urgent update from the Prime Minister and COVID-19

As many will have heard due to increase of COVID cases, the Prime Minister and his advisors have said from Thursday 5th November, many places are to close once again, to see if we can reduce COVID cases before the Christmas season starts.

Unfortunately as part of this, it is said parishes will need to stop public services including Mass for the time being. This Wednesday 4th November at 9:30 will be the last Mass for at least 4 weeks following the Government statement.

It is on this, the Catholic Church has written to Parliament asking questions to why this is the case and what evidence is there to support this claim.

Attached below is the letter which has been shared within parishes today, which shares the questions being asked tomorrow.

Please see the attached:


Charnwood Tier 2 HIGHPublic Mass within the Parish and COVID

As we are entering the season of colder weather, it is imperative we follow the information below. It is one of the ways to ensure we can keep the churches open, especially with Advent and Christmas in our sights. Please think:

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  • Do not attend Mass if you have any symptoms of COVID – 19.  
  • Face masks are to be worn at all times. (Remove briefly only to receive the host)
  • Stewards will be on duty at each Service.
  • At all times, use the distancing rule advised by Government.
  • Within the church you will see signage. Please ensure this is followed.
  • Enter the church via main door.  There will be a one-way system only.  Please do not go back on yourself.
  • Sanitiser is to be used before entry into the church via hand pump, located either side of the doors above the Holy Water font.
  • Within the church you will see areas where you may or may not sit.  You will be guided by the stewards.
  • You need to sit at the end of the pews and not the centre. The tape indicates this.
  • No hymn or service books will be used during Mass.
  • All kneels are not to be used, as these have been put out of action temporarily.
  • All prayers and dismissal will be said before we receive the Holy Sacrament.
  • You must take all your belongings with you as you will not be able to return to your pew.
  • A steward will guide each person when to receive the Holy Sacrament.
  • The Holy Sacrament will be placed in your left hand and NOT YOUR TONGUE.
  • Remove you face covering slightly to enable placing the host into your mouth. You must replace your face covering as you walk out of the church following the directional signs via foyer and exit. 
  • Please do not linger in the foyer due to social distancing.

A guidance to be followed please – Any queries please speak to our friendly stewards