Children’s Liturgy

Please keep checking out this webpage whilst we are not able to meet.

Who are we? We are a group of children who want to learn more about Jesus. Whilst we can not meet in the church, due to the present situation, we can still listen to the stories written and sing and dance to the music shared with us each week. This will help us all stay connected as a group until we are able to meet again each Sunday.

Thank you


Dear Lord our heavenly father, we pray that over the summer holidays our parish can look towards welcoming us all once again, so we can meet our friends on a Sunday morning and listening to the Word of God in our Children’s Liturgy. We pray for our parish family in these weeks ahead and look forward to celebrating as children in the time ahead of us. Amen

Dear Lord, I pray we all look after each other, as Jesus looks after us. I pray for family and friends, and for our parish we continue to serve. Lord I pray for this world of many challenges, and needing to do things differently to what we would prefer. Lord Jesus I know we are not alone and you are with us. We may not see but we know you will be holding our hands carrying us with your love. Amen

Children’s Liturgy: – For the foreseeable future, please find the following information which will help you children grow in the Catholic Faith through fun, scripture, and many other aspects.        Redemptorist Children’s Liturgy

Please see the following web links which you can watch on Youtube

Brother Francis

Bible for Kids and More

Gospels for Children

Christian Songs for Children to sing along too

Sunday School Zone


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