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Virtual Pilgrimage of Reparation and Prayer for the Sanctity of Life, Walsingham, 27th September 2020

With great help and support from the Shrine staff we are able to offer, this year, a ‘virtual’ pilgrimage to Walsingham, where distance is no barrier to sharing in the day. 

It can be accessed via YouTube on Walsingham Catholic TV (  or at the Basilica live stream 

Devotions will be streamed throughout the day, beginning with the Mass at 12.00. Full details are available on the website, including the programme for the day:

Bishop Marcus Stock of Leeds is leading the day and will be at the Shrine in person. It is a day of prayer and reparation for the sanctity of life. Our society has attacked the Church’s deep rooted teachings on these issues for a very long time.

The Pilgrimage started 37 years ago with some parishioners from Spanish Place, Westminster diocese, led by Fr Jeremy Davies, on a single coach. In recent times the day has been attended by between 1000 and 1400 pilgrims.

Season of Creation

Bishop Patrick hopes that each of us follows the Season of Creation, which will soon be upon us.  Attached is a copy Season of Creation Liturgy Guide which you can access using the following link:  LISTEN 2020 Season of Creation Liturgy Guide (2).pdf 

LACY Leicestershire Active Catholic Youth: 

Cancelled – Postponed new date 4th October 2020

News from Leicestershire Active Catholic Youth (LACY)  Due to the recent challenges of lockdown in Leicester and parts of Leicestershire, and also into the holiday season, LACY have decided to reschedule the celebration of “A Moment With Mary” to the date of Sunday 4th October at 4.00 p.m. 

Thank you for your helpful and continued support of LACY.  We are most grateful.

Best wishes, Pauline Payne and the LACY Working Team

Statement from the Catholic Association for Racial Justice  CARJ has asked that we share a statement which has been. issued by the Catholic Association for Racial Justice in response to the current situation in the United States and concern about endemic racism here in the UK and in many other places. Please download the following


Rosmini Centre No information at this present time



Cafod information to share with Parishioners

A message from Christine Allen

Dear Father, 

In recent days, among our dispersed CAFOD teams, planning our global response to Coronavirus, some words from St Paul have come to mind: faith, hope and love.

We are facing an unprecedented emergency in every country where we work; and we are also mindful, each day, of people in our own Catholic community here in England and Wales who are unable to attend Mass; people worried and overstretched; of those who have tragically lost loved ones, and of those who were already enduring loneliness and are now in isolation. We need to respond in faith, hope and love. And so in faith, hope and love, we are reaching out to you.

Coronavirus is affecting every country we work in. The poorest and excluded are most vulnerable. Food prices have risen with borders closing; the poorest are losing their jobs and income with wholesale shutdowns. As you can imagine, the outlook is very serious in places where healthcare is inadequate and washing regularly and social distancing are luxuries. Half the world’s population can’t access basic healthcare, and already struggle to feed their families; and they now face the threat of hunger as the coronavirus shuts down markets and jobs.

As our first response, we have adapted all of our current work across 40 countries, and are also responding to already severe needs with emergency food relief, water and sanitation, and spreading awareness of prevention measures, especially through Church leaders and Catholic media.

But this is very much only the beginning of what will be a massive, and enduring response programme across every country we work in. This virus is changing our entire programme of work across the world. Beyond the immediate loss of life and suffering, long-term vulnerability, poverty, exclusion and injustice will only become more acute. The task is daunting. We and our church partners around the world are looking to God for strength, and to keep us acting in faith and hope, and we know that you across England and Wales are doing the same.

We know all too well that things are far from straightforward in all our parishes right now. We, as a global family, have never faced a crisis of this magnitude –in our own communities, and those communities CAFOD works with. But the scale is unimaginable in the most vulnerable communities of our world, and so as of today, we are appealing for support for our emergency response.  Those communities with nothing, who have everything stacked against them, – our brothers and sisters – have never needed your love and support so much.

To help with adapting parish life to lockdown, some resources and guides are below, and I also include wording for an announcement in your parish newsletter, website and social media.

We are so grateful as always for all of your prayers and support, especially in what we know are distressing times for many here in the UK. At this time, I truly believe that our way through this time lies in holding fast to our faith and to one another. Please remember CAFOD’s work and our appeal in your communications with parishioners and in your prayers.

We are living through one of the global events that will shape humanity, and our response can only be the response of the heart of God. We need to be his hands and feet – we cannot do otherwise.

With my sincere thanks and my prayers