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We’ll be marking the launch of Caritas, the new ministry supporting charitable service in parishes in Nottingham diocese, and justice, peace and care for creation in the wider world. Meet fellow Catholics and find out how Caritas can help you live the Gospel: book your place at

Link to  Grapevine News From Adult Formation Justice Peace & Caritas   What shall we say the Kingdom of God is like?

Teaching is not just about conveying facts – it’s an act of the imagination.  Teacher and learner together create something new.      Jesus used many parables to attempt to describe the Kingdom of God, but more often than not he started with a question, one like this: ‘What shall we say the kingdom of God is like?’ (Mark 4: 30).  He invites us to find the answer for ourselves, in the evidence around us.                      

It’s a timely question for us as we emerge from lockdown, and begin to rebuild our communities – both in the parish and in our neighbourhoods.  So where do you see parables of the Kingdom in the community around you?       One thing is for sure, says Jesus, the signs are easily missed: the tiny mustard seed, the yeast in the loaf, the treasure in the field.  So join Caritas on a search party – a search party of the imagination!      With the launch of Caritas in our diocese at Pentecost, we launched the ‘Friends in Caritas’.  This is a network of people who are seeking to grow in their practical witness to the Gospel, with encouragement and support from each other and from Caritas.  You are welcome to join us – scroll down for more details.     More than that, we invite you to connect with other Catholics locally, and together seek out those signs of the Kingdom so that they don’t go unheeded.  We are establishing four county-based Hubs within Caritas, and this issue of Grapevine contains an invitation to you to be in at the start. Paul (Programme Leader for Social Action

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Statement from the Catholic Association for Racial Justice  CARJ has asked that we share a statement which has been. issued by the Catholic Association for Racial Justice in response to the current situation in the United States and concern about endemic racism here in the UK and in many other places. Please download the following

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