Nottingham Diocese Interaction

How we can partake with daily prayer from our own homes.

Live Streaming from 25th March 2020

Liturgies Streamed from Bishop’s House – Week 23rd March 2020

Youtube Bishop Patrick daily liturgies to share within our Diocese

A retreat service is attached for individual prayer for parishioners

Through these challenging times. Please click on the website below from our diocese. along with other prayer services.

Year of Word Campaign – we now have opportunity to: a) Listen to the God who Speaks in a profoundly radical way. b) Deepen our faith in God and in each other through increased Scriptural reflection. c) Build on our relationships across all dioceses and create a renewed Church community together spiritually and scripturally. d) Explore, learn and be more creative in the use of all digital media, reach people in new and dynamic ways, and maintain good communication with local Scripture Champions. e) Enable more Catholics to listen to the God who Speaks throughout the Bible at all times and in all places, and not just in a crisis or in 2020.