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A letter from CAFOD Nottingham

Dear Father,

Thank you so much for your support this year.   I have been amazed by how parishes and schools around the Diocese have continued to support the work of CAFOD through prayer, action, donations and fundraising events. 

The need this year has been huge and challenging across the world. But thanks to you and your parishioners we have been able to continue our international work. Through CAFOD you have supported some of poorest communities most impacted by the virus. You have reached people in more than 33 countries, with over six million people receiving health and prevention advice and more than half a million people receiving safe hygiene supplies and services to prevent and reduce infection. Many more poor and vulnerable families have been supported with food supplies when there was no way to earn a living in the face of lockdown.

Your care for others meant that we were able to continue support in countries like Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil where communities were already facing the toughest of challenges before the arrival of the virus.

Please do pass on this information to your parishioners, with our heartfelt thanks. Kayode Akintola, who works for CAFOD in Sierra Leone, West Africa, recorded a message of thanks for all of our supporters, which you might like to view or share in your newsletter, on your parish website or via social media. message of thanks

We have a variety of Advent resources and prayer for your use with your parish. These include Advent prayer cards (one for each week), a series of day by day Advent reflectionsonline prayer events, an online carol service guide with a carol sheet, a chance to join or organise a fun run and other social events and more. Your CAFOD Parish Volunteer may have asked for a notice to appear in your newsletter at the start of Advent. For more information on all of these please see cafod.org.uk/parishes

This year, we have seen a rise in requests for details of gifts people can buy for their family and friends which also make a practical difference to struggling communities around the world. Therefore, we have decided to send parishes some World Gift catalogues, albeit a limited amount. These can be used now in the run up to Christmas and for any special moment such as birthdays, baptisms right through to Autumn next year. The catalogues should arrive soon. It would be tremendously helpful if they could be mentioned or given out to your parish or held until it is possible for people to take away a copy.

Finally, I would like to wish you a holy and happy Advent and a restful and joyful Christmas.


Maggie Mairura  
Community Participation Coordinator – CAFOD Nottingham

Domestic Abuse: You will no doubt have heard reports on the news of the increased reporting of domestic abuse during lockdown, as well as concerns that much of the domestic abuse being experienced by victims is happening behind closed doors. Homes that provide a place of safety for most of us can be very frightening and dangerous places for the victims of domestic abuse and violence.

The National Board of Catholic Women have produced a booklet on raising awareness of domestic abuse with the hope that it will help victims to get the help and support they need. At the moment the booklet exists as a PDF document which is designed to be printed off and photocopied. I believe booklets are also being produced for distribution to parishes as well. Bishop Patrick has asked that I distribute the booklet to you all. By all means share it with anyone else in your community who might find it useful.

I would encourage you to find some time to read the booklet which covers all aspects of domestic abuse and gives examples of case studies as well as suggested strategies for helping victims. You are always advised to contact me if you have concerns about a situation where you suspect or become aware of domestic abuse and future safeguarding training will be covering the issue in some detail. Please see the following link

Support in Prayer

Nottingham Dioceses: Interaction with daily prayer and Mass from the Cathedral. https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

Bible Gateway: An online bible resource. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+1&version=NRSVCE