Weekly Rota’s

The following rota is for service stewards and readers for our weekly Masses.

Day and time Date StewardsReaders
Saturday. 17:3002.01.21Noel O’Sullivan / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0003.01.21Maggie Clarke / Liz Sturgis 
Wednesday 9:3006.01.21Maggie & Bob Chaplin  
Saturday. 17:3009.01.21Fiona Cooper / Noel O’Sullivan 
Sunday. 10:0010.01.21Richard Mitchell / Maggie Clarke 
Wednesday. 9:3013.01.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday. 17:3016.01.21Ian Lafferty/ Fiona Cooper 
Sunday. 10:0017.01.21Liz Sturgis / Mary Keating  
Wednesday. 9:3020.01.21Maggie & Bob Chaplin 
Saturday. 17:3023.01.21Noel O’Sullivan / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0024.01.21Richard Mitchell / Fiona Cooper 
Wednesday. 9:3027.01.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday. 17:3030.01.21Noel O’Sullivan / Fiona Cooper 
Sunday. 10:0031.01.21Maggie Clarke / Liz Sturgis 
Wednesday. 9:3003.02.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday  17:3006.02.21Fiona Cooper / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0007.02.21Mary Keating / Maggie Clarke 
Wednesday. 9:3010.02.21 Maggie and Bob Chaplin 
Saturday. 17:3013.02.21Noel O’Sullivan / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0014.02.21Richard Mitchell / Fiona Cooper 
Wednesday. 9:3017.02.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday. 17:3020.02.21Noel O’Sullivan / Fiona Cooper 
Sunday. 10:0021.02.21Liz Sturgis / Mary Keating  
Ash Wednesday 9:3024.02.21 Maggie and Bob Chaplin 
Ash Wednesday 19:00 24.02.21Confirm nearer the time 
Saturday  17:3027.02.21Fiona Cooper / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0028.02.21Maggie Clarke / Richard Mitchell 
Wednesday. 9:3003.03.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday  17:3006.03.21Noel O’Sullivan / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:0007.03.21Maggie Clarke / Liz Sturgis 
Wednesday. 9:3010.03.21Maggie & Bob Chaplin 
Saturday  17:3013.03.21Noel O’Sullivan / Fiona Cooper 
Sunday. 10:0014.03.21Mary Keating / Richard Mitchell 
Wednesday. 9:3017.03.21Mary Keating / Nikki Lynn 
Saturday  17:3020.03.21Ian Lafferty/ Fiona Cooper 
Sunday. 10:0021.01.21Maggie Clarke / Liz Sturgis 
Wednesday. 9:3024.03.21Maggie & Bob Chaplin 
Saturday  17:3027.03.21Noel O’Sullivan / Ian Lafferty 
Sunday. 10:00. Palm Sunday28.03.21Fiona Cooper / Liz Sturgis