Welcome to the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Loughborough.

During these past weeks , Fr Paul has been sharing with us how we can follow Jesus by spending time in prayer, reading from the bible and listening to our Lord. We are a parish family who may not be able to meet, or worship like we would normally in these present times together, however we all have one thing in common, Our Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Contacting Fr Paul

If you need to speak to Fr Paul over a family or/and faith matter, please contact the parish office. oh.sacredheart.loughboro@dioceseofnottingham.uk or telephone 01509 219325.


Weekly Message from Fr. Paul.

25th Sunday in Ordinary time.

Gospel Reading for this Sunday:– Matthew 20: 1 – 16

The winegrower in today’s parable would seem to be heading for Receivership. An employer who pays his workers the same amount for one hour as he pays others for twelve hours is not likely to stay in business for long!

Of course, Jesus is not offering business advice in telling this parable. Like all the parables of Jesus, he is telling this story about the labourers in the vineyard to reveal something about the Kingdom of God. The point is that God’s way of doing things is very different from our way.

God seems to take a delight in turning human priorities on their head – the first will be last and the last first. In the parables, Jesus is challenging his hearers to think and behave less like human beings and more like God.

All good stories can be understood on different levels and the parables are examples of this. When Jesus’ own community first heard the story about the labourers in the vineyard they might well have interpreted it as meaning that God’s Kingdom is open, not only to his chosen people, the children of Israel, but to “Johnny come Lately” Gentiles as well.

If we think, as Christians, about how the parable might apply to us then perhaps it’s a reminder that those who come into a close loving relationship with Christ late in their lives are valued as much by God as those of us who have been faithful members of his Church since infancy.

Perhaps Jesus is also nudging us, in this parable, to rethink our ideas about time itself. The labourers were indignant that the landowner didn’t pay more to those who had spent more time working for him but this may be suggesting to us that (as some Mediaeval thinkers taught) that God exists in the perpetual present – that all time is the same to Him.

As always with the parables of Jesus, there is much to think about, we never exhaust all their meaning however much we think about them.

God bless

Fr Paul

Prayer intentions for this week are as follows

Dates of ServicesPrayer Intentions
Sunday 20th September
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
People of the Parish
Wednesday 23rd September Barry Griffiths R.I.P
Saturday 26th SeptemberPeople of the Parish 
Sunday 27th September
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
All who are working to find a cure for COVID
Please pray for Katy Little and her family at this time, as Katy lost her father in this past week. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen
Please reflect each day with your own personal prayers.

Public Mass within the Parish and COVID

Due to the latest Government update with COVID, please follow the information shared on these webpages and ensure you well before attending Mass.

A Reminder to all please

Since we have been able to attend weekly Mass, we know that a few changes have occurred to ensure our safety is paramount. This includes wearing a face covering (mouth and noise) and how we receive the Eucharist during these strange times.

Please it is essential that face coverings are worn before you arrive through the main door, and they are not to be removed until the end when you leave the parish building. The only exception is when you slightly remove your face covering, AFTER you have receive the Host from Fr Paul as you leave.

Also above the Holy Water font by the main doors into the church, you will find hand sanitiser. Please use this as you enter ensuring your hands are clear of any bacteria.

Within the church there are notices we have to adhere too. Please keep to social distancing and beware of others around you, even when sitting taking part in prayer through the Mass itself.

Any further information shared via our Diocese due to the ongoing concerns with COVID, will be available on this website.

Church Times and Attendance

To prevent anyone being turned away who has not been able to receive Mass until now, it is essential they contact the Parish Office to add their name to the list.

If your name is on a list and you are not attending that Mass, it is crucial Fr Paul is contacted to cancel your name, to give the space to another parishioner who would like to attend.


Masses at present are: Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Almost full each week Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Spaces are available Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Spaces are available however this can fill quickly

With numbers increasing, we can only add another Mass to the week, if we have stewards to support it. Further information will be available shortly, ONLY if the parish is in a position to support it.

Please Help Us With Stewardship At Our Weekly Services

To continue with opening our church for Mass on the designated days, please if your able to give a small amount of time to welcome and support our parishioners.

If you are interested and aged from 18 – early 70″s, who are fit, healthy and active, are welcome to put their names forward. All we ask is you speak to Fr Paul who will ask you a few questions, not to catch you out, but are able to do this role without worry. Your well-being is essential to all of us.

Thank you


Parish Weekly News

Children’s Liturgy:

Due to the present situation and bubbles are in place within schools etc, for the safety of all within our Parish, Children’s Liturgy will not take place this side of the October school half term. We will review this on a month bases following the diocese guidance.

In the mean time, we have the Parish Children’s Liturgy Page which shares the Gospel in a fun, meaningful way.

Children’s Liturgy Web Page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/home/childrens-liturgy/


Please find additional notices to refer to by following the links

Nottingham Diocese Interaction News:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

  • Virtual Pilgrimage of Reparation and Prayer for the Sanctity of Life, Walsingham, 27th September 2020. With great help and support from the Shrine staff we are able to offer, this year, a ‘virtual’ pilgrimage to Walsingham, where distance is no barrier to sharing in the day.  Further information can be found on the Nottingham Diocese news link above.
  • Season of Creation
    Bishop Patrick hopes that many of us are able to follow the Season of Creation which will soon be upon us.  Bishop Patrick has shared the attached Season of Creation Liturgy Guide which you can access using the following link:  LISTEN 2020 Season of Creation Liturgy Guide (2).pdf . It is suggested that this can become part of our daily prayer.


Additional Information within Parish Life

To access the quick update page please click here:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/quick-updates-with-our-parish/

Children’s Liturgy Web Page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/home/childrens-liturgy/

New Supporting Life Through Prayer and Traditions web page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/supporting-catholic-life-through-prayer-and-traditions/


From Bishop Patrick

To help us all focus on our faith whilst not able to attend Mass, Bishop Patrick has arranged for us all, to have direct contact with prayer. This can be downloaded via the web. https://www.dioceseofnottingham.uk


Proclaimer:- If you have any feedback about the new website design, please contact the website admin via the contact form here.

Mass Times

Fr Paul will celebrate Mass to the public on the days shown below. Please contact Fr Paul to book your name if attending Mass for the first time due to traceability. Thank you.

Saturday Vigil 17:30
ConfessionsPlease contact Fr Paul
All services will follow the Government and Diocesan guidance

Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy meet weekly at 10am each Sunday during school terms

Who are we?

We are a group of children who meet during our 10am Sunday Mass.

Age is never a problem, we range from being a baby to secondary school friends. We listen to the Gospel reading and talk about it in a language we understand for being the ages we are. The best thing is we try and make a craft before we are welcomed back into Mass, after the biding prayers. Within 20 minutes of meeting our friends, we have listened to the story of Jesus, made something to show our family and even get a sticker for attending.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous, you can bring someone with you, may be a mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, or a friend. I do no that Fiona and Mandy our leaders, will make you very welcome. Why not call in and say hello.

We continue to follow Jesus and sing his praise

Children’s liturgy within our Sacred Heart Parish for the time being is not able to meet due to social distancing and the way weekly Mass is attended during these difficult times.

Our prayers and thoughts are with each family, as children return to school, meeting with friends and how we interact with keeping each and everyone safe.

Please keep looking on this web page and Facebook for further updates and activities as and when they happen.

Dear Lord, I pray for our children across the nation and our parish itself. I pray each chid has fun and happiness in their lives and is able to share the love in which you show to each and everyone of us. Amen

God bless Fiona

20.09.2020 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 20:1-16
This is one of my favourites I thought I would share with you. 🙂

14.09.2020. 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sing along

06.09.2020 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

I think you will all like this tune and the actions which go with it.

30.08.2020. 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Quick Updates within our Parish

This page is to share with you daily / weekly updates for quick referencing.

A storm is coming… Please see attached message from Terry Spicer, Saint Mary’s Catholic Action Group

Families in Loughborough who are currently struggling financially may soon be hit by further financial problems. Feeding children during the summer holidays will be an added expense as schools are closed. As the furlough scheme starts to unwind, more and more people will find that they have no job to return to and the number of those in need will rise. The rules for the Universal Credit Scheme are starting to tighten once more. As lockdown rules are relaxed other forms of government support will also diminish.

The Bridge, a charity based in Loughborough, is working hard to support those in need. At the moment they are supporting the provision of more than 600 food parcels each week. This number will grow. They also provide a range of other support services.

The Bridge needs our help. Times are hard for many. Are you able to donate a little to help those in need in Loughborough? You can donate via The Bridge website or send a letter entitled “Food Poverty” with a cheque made payable to “The Bridge (East Midlands)” to The Bridge, 38 Leicester Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2AG. Alternatively using the following information, you can make a one off BACS payment. Name = The Bridge (East Midlands) Sort Code = 40-52-40. Account Number = 00084149 Reference = Food Poverty.

Thank you.

Terry Spicer
Catholic Social Action Group St Mary’s Catholic Church

Nottingham Dioceses: Interaction with daily prayer and Mass from the Cathedral. https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

Bible Gateway: An online bible resource. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+1&version=NRSVCE


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Chipchase using the information below, or send a message using the form. You are also welcome and encouraged to speak to Fr. Paul informally after Mass if you have any queries.

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