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Parish Priest Contact Details

Priest: Fr Paul Chipchase

Address: Sacred Heart Of Jesus, 203, Park Road, Loughborough. LE11 2HJ

Telephone: 01509 219325

Email: oh.sacredheart.loughboro@dioceseofnottingham

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Please come and Join our teams.

Church Cleaning Saturday 8th October – PLease come and join us with cleaning through the church or hall. The more volunteers we have, the better job we can do. Further information is on the newsletter.

Cleaners Rota – If you would like to add your name to the cleaning rota please add your name to the list which will be on the notice board in the next few weeks.

Sunday Mass Readers Rota – As part of our gradual return to normality, the Sunday Mass Readers’ Rota is being reactivated.  If you would like to be one of our Sunday Mass readers, please speak to Will Holland after Mass or call him on 07811 353 248. it will be good to bring the rota back and perhaps introduce some new faces.  God Bless, Will

Saturday or Sunday Church Welcomers needed. –    Over these past few months, it is lovely to see our church is almost back to normal.    Going forward we have been asked to continue with the meet and greeting of people as they enter our church.  It has been said a friendly smile as they arrive makes newcomers feel at ease, wheelchair, walking aid users and families with pushchairs, say opening doors makes a difference and parishioners of all ages have said its lovely to see.    We can only continue to do this if we have more people to support this wonderful welcome on a Saturday or Sunday mass.  All you need to do is arrive 20mins earlier and depending on the morning it can be hand out hymn books, newsletter or / and Mass service sheet.     If you would like to help please speak to one of the team.


COVID Reminder to follow please whilst in Mass:    

  • Feeling unwell – Symptoms of covid, generally feeling unwell, or full of cold, please stay at home.
  • Face Coverings – We would prefer persons to continue to wear face coverings even thought it is not mandatory in Law for the wellbeing of our congregation.
  • Hand sanitiser – Must be used on entry .
  • Social distancing –common sense with persons around you and respecting each other.
Remember good hygiene is the Key to keeping viruses and illness at bay


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Mass Times – WC 02.10.22 – 08.10.22

Saturday 1st October5:30 p.m
Sunday 2nd October10:00 am
Monday 3rd October9:30 am
Tuesday 4th October9:30 am
Wednesday 5th October
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
9:00 am
9:30 am
Thursday 6th October9:30 am
Friday 7th October9:30 am
Saturday 8th October5:30 pm
Sunday 9th October10:00 am

Children’s Liturgy

Who are we? We are a group of children who want to learn more about Jesus.

We need a group leader to help us restart our `children’s Liturgy. We have mums and dads who will help us, however we need someone to organise the 20 / 25 minute session, during our Sunday morning mass.

Please contact Fr Paul if you are interested in this fantastic opportunity.

Thank you


Dear Lord, I pray we all look after each other, as Jesus looks after us. I pray for family and friends, and for our parish we continue to serve. Lord I pray for this world of many challenges, and needing to do things differently to what we would prefer. Lord Jesus I know we are not alone and you are with us. We may not see but we know you will be holding our hands carrying us with your love. Amen

Children’s Liturgy: – Please see the following links where children grow in the Catholic Faith through fun, scripture, and many other aspects.        Redemptorist Children’s Liturgy

Please see the following web links which you can watch on Youtube

Brother Francis

Bible for Kids and More

Gospels for Children

Christian Songs for Children to sing along too

Sunday School Zone


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Chipchase using the information below, or send a message using the form. You are also welcome and encouraged to speak to Fr. Paul informally after Mass if you have any queries.

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