Welcome to the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Loughborough.

During these past weeks , Fr Paul has been sharing with us how we can follow Jesus by spending time in prayer, reading from the bible and listening to our Lord. We are a parish family who may not be able to meet, or worship like we would normally in these present times together, however we all have one thing in common, Our Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Contacting Fr Paul

If you need to speak to Fr Paul over a family or/and faith matter, please contact the parish office. oh.sacredheart.loughboro@dioceseofnottingham.uk or telephone 01509 219325.

Weekly Message from Fr. Paul.

9th August 2020  – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This miracle – Jesus walking on the water – is different from most of the others. Nobody was healed. Nobody was fed. It’s tempting to think that if his mother had been watching she would have called him a show-off!

But there is a point to this miracle; in fact more than one.

By doing things which are beyond normal human capability Jesus was dropping a hint about his divine nature as the Son of God and second person of the blessed Trinity. He was challenging people to have faith in him as Messiah and Saviour.

Jesus’ miracles also had a symbolic meaning as well as what actually happened. This symbolism would have been better understood by the people of his time than today.

In the Old Testament, which Jesus’ disciples had been brought up on, water was often seen as a chaotic element. In the Book of Genesis, at the beginning of God’s creation, we are told that the Spirit of God hovered over the waters or the chaos. God brought order out of chaos when he created the heavens and the earth and their array. The rest of human history can be seen as a struggle to keep out of the chaos symbolised by water.

When Jesus shows himself to be master of the winds and waters he shows himself to be on the side of God, keeping order when chaos threatens and confirming his oneness with the Creator.

God bless

Fr Paul


Prayer intentions for this week are as follows

Dates of ServicesPrayer Intentions
Sunday 9th August
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
For Vacations
Wednesday 12th AugustFor those working for a vaccine or cure for the pandemic
Saturday 15th August Fr. Anthony O’Dowd R.I.P.
Sunday 16th August
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
  People of the Parish.
Sacred Heart Monthly draw for March 
The draw for March has now taken place. The following numbers have been drawn. First prize of £41.50 number 94. Second prize of £24.90 number 115. 3rd prize of £16.60 number 31. Congratulations to the winners. As we collected a total of £166.00 this month, £83.00 has been raised for the Sick & Retired Priests Fund. 

Due to COVID19 the April’s draw has been cancelled, but any money paid for April and any over-payments that have been made will be returned. Due to the difficult circumstances this may take some time. 
Sacred Heart Monthly Draw will be discontinued for the foreseeable future. Many thanks for your fantastic support and generosity. The Monthly draw has raised £5219.67 for The Sick and Retired Priests Fund during the 5 years it has run.

Any queries please contact Maggy or Bob Chaplin 01509 829753 (r.chaplin@ntlworld.com

Our church will be open for Public Mass on set days of the week.

Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

Attendance at each Mass will be limited to 24 people or families.

Places at each Mass must be pre-booked by telephoning the parish.

The booking for each Mass is open from the week before and closes at 7pm, the evening before. NO BOOKINGS AHEAD OF THE 7 DAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED. ALL PARISHIONERS THEN HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND WHEN ABLE TOO.

Please Help Us With Stewardship At Our Weekly Services

To continue with opening our church for Mass on the designated days, please if your able to give a small amount of time to welcome and support our parishioners.

If you are interested and aged from 18 – early 70″s, who are fit, healthy and active, are welcome to put their names forward. All we ask is you speak to Fr Paul who will ask you a few questions, not to catch you out, but are able to do this role without worry. Your well-being is essential to all of us.

Any persons who wish to help us, a Health and Safety training hour will be given on Wednesday 9th August at 19:00. Just pop along and see what you think if you’re not sure.

When we have names and days preference with stewarding, a rota will then be available.

Thank you

Weekly News

A storm is coming… Please see the message from Terry Spicer, Saint Mary’s Catholic Action Group https://sacredheartloughboro.org/quick-updates-with-our-parish/

The Bridge needs our help. Times are hard for many. Are you able to donate a little to help those in need in Loughborough? You can donate via The Bridge website or send a letter entitled “Food Poverty” with a cheque made payable to “The Bridge (East Midlands)” to The Bridge, 38 Leicester Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2AG. Alternatively using the following information, you can make a one off BACS payment. Name = The Bridge (East Midlands) Sort Code = 40-52-40. Account Number = 00084149 Reference = Food Poverty.

Personal Prayer at St Marys Ashby Road, Loughborough

St Marys, has received permission from the diocese to open the church for private prayer at the following times: Mondays 10.30am -12.30pm, Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm, Saturdays 10.30am – 12.30pm, Sundays 3pm – 5pm.  Seven people will be allowed in the church at any one time and social distancing of 2 metres must still be observed. Hand sanitiser must be used on entry and exit and there is a single directional walkway which is indicated.

Please read the information from Bishop Patrick, which can be found using the following Link: https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

Please find additional notices to refer to by following the links

Nottingham Diocese Interaction News:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

  • LACY Leicestershire Active Catholic Youth: will be celebrating the feast of The Assumption on line, via Zoom, HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTILL OCTOBER 4th.
  • Plus other news from previous weeks

Additional Information within the Parish

To access the quick update page please click here:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/quick-updates-with-our-parish/

New Children’s Liturgy Web Page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/home/childrens-liturgy/

New Supporting Life Through Prayer and Traditions web page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/supporting-catholic-life-through-prayer-and-traditions/

From Bishop Patrick

To help us all focus on our faith whilst not able to attend Mass, Bishop Patrick has arranged for us all, to have direct contact with prayer. This can be downloaded via the web. https://www.dioceseofnottingham.uk

 as before.

Bishop Patrick McKinney streams Masses from his private chapel in Bishop’s House. 

This week they are scheduled for: Wednesday 9 am – Mass, Thursday 9 am – Mass,  Saturday 9 am – Mass, Sunday 10 am – Mass

For those with no internet access, an audio Sunday Mass is available at 10 am. 

Proclaimer:- If you have any feedback about the new website design, please contact the website admin via the contact form here.

Mass Times

Please note: Fr Paul will celebrate Mass daily, but unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, the Mass will not be open to the public.

Following the Government advice to reduce people contact in public places, we will not be able to open the church until the risk to persons has passed. Our Bishop will let our clergy know when this can take place.


Monday to Friday
Saturday Confessions
Holy Day of Obligation

Subject to change – information will be shared through the home page.


If your confession needs to be taken, please contact Fr Paul who will advice accordingly.

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Getting Here


Directions to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Loughborough, may be found by using the map below.


There are limited parking spaces in the driveway of the church.

Alternatively, parking bays along Park Road have a typical minimum stay of 1 hour during the day Mon-Sat with no limits during evenings and all-day Sunday.

Parking is also available in the Tesco Superstore nearby, subject to their restrictions.


There is a dedicated parking bay in the driveway of the church for blue badge holders.

Both entrances to the foyer and the narthex of the church have a wheelchair accessible ramp and handrails.

A dedicated accessible lavatory may be found in the foyer, opposite the door to the sanctuary.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Chipchase using the information below, or send a message using the form. You are also welcome and encouraged to speak to Fr. Paul informally after Mass if you have any queries.

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