Welcome to the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Loughborough.

During these past weeks , Fr Paul has been sharing with us how we can follow Jesus by spending time in prayer, reading from the bible and listening to our Lord. We are a parish family who may not be able to meet, or worship like we would normally in these present times together, however we all have one thing in common, Our Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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Contacting Fr Paul: Over these next few weeks, Fr Paul will be away from the Parish. Please if you do email oh.sacredheart.loughboro@dioceseofnottingham.uk a response to the email will be delayed.

If it is a Priest you need to speak too, please contact, St Marys located on Ashby Road.

If your email is a general inquiry, and happy for a response within 3 working days, please email our Parish Catechist Fiona Email: fiona.cooper@live.com


Changes to our weekly service

COVID update within our parish. – 24.01.2021 

During the next few weeks whilst there are no public services, if you know of anyone who doesn’t have access to the parish website and would like to receive the weekly gospel reflection and a miselett, with the weekly readings, please email me on Fiona.Cooper@live.com with their name and address, as I am happy to print and post parish news through their doors, because we all are part of the family of Christ.

God Bless and stay safe from all in the PPC team.

Booking to attend a Weekly Mass Service: If you have access to the internet and able to access this web site mass booking.uk please sign up as a new user, or sign in if already registered. When the services are accessible once again on line, you will only be able to book 7 days ahead.

Further COVID 19 information can be found on the COVID PARISH INFORMATION page.

Weekly Message from Fr. Paul

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 23/24th January.

In today’s Gospel reading from Mark, we hear about Jesus calling the disciples who were fishermen, to follow him.

The thing that has always struck me about this episode is how casual Jesus’ selection of his Apostles seems. It’s as though he is just strolling along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and simply calls the first people he comes across as if to say, “You’ll do!”

We live in a “meritocracy.” In order to be appointed to a position of importance in our society, it is necessary to be able to demonstrate special skills, educational qualifications, an outstanding record of achievement etc. It seems strange that Jesus, who is arguably making appointments to the most important jobs ever undertaken , should go about it in such a haphazard manner. There’s no Myers-Briggs personality testing in his way of recruiting people!

Of course, the plain fact is that, when it comes to discipleship, anyone will do. The Church is open to all, without exception. Jesus valued faith and commitment far more highly than intelligence or outstanding personal qualities, which must be immensely reassuring to those of us who don’t stand out in a crowd!

God bless. Fr Paul

Prayer intentions for this week are as follows.
Fr Paul is recovering in Oakham, following his operation.
All who are working on the front line during these very difficult days and feels there is no end to this pandemic.
Our education, All students and staff from all backgrounds working to keep learning fun, and not forgetting parents who work, teach and a friend to their little flock.
Pat’s Loftus who has passed away recently. Pray for the family as they prepare for Pats funeral this Tuesday.
Philip Concannon: Please pray for Joyce, Ian and Cath with their families, due to their recent loss of Philip,. Our prayers are with them in the days ahead.
We pray for each and every one who has lost loved ones and friends across the world: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.
Our Parish: Pray for all aspects of family life and all what is happening around us at this time.
All family and friends We pray our Lord is with each and every one of us, carrying us each day as the Footprint words reminds us.
Hail Mary: Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women,and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Parish News

This weeks notices

Message from our Parish PPC:- As many of you are aware, Fr Paul went into hospital on 11th January for a hip operation which went very well. Fr Paul is now taking several weeks to convalesce away from the parish.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are keeping the parish ticking over until Fr Paul returns.

Walk With Me’ Prayer Booklets:- Bishop Patrick is asking us to take a little time each day during Lent with the new bespoke: ‘Walk with Me’ Prayer Booklets being produced for our Diocese by Alive Publishing. The booklet is pocket-sized, easy to use, and is designed to help us all to keep focused in the daily living out of our faith as disciples of Christ. 

These will be available at the start of Lent within our parish free of charge. Every Sunday during Lent, our diocese will be sharing prayers, reflections and liturgies. which will be found on our parish website.

Adult Information for Mission:- a link from the diocese to share with you.

First Holy Communion – Parish of Loughgilly

First Holy Communion:– Due to the ongoing situation with the country in lock down, and unsure when it will be lifted, our First Holy Communion classes are just delayed, with the hope of starting them as soon as we are able too. The date for our Parish First Holy Communion would be end of June start of July.

The families who started their First Holy Communion last March 2019, are automatically part of this years group to join us. If anyone would like their child who is in year 3 or above at school, please contact Fiona Cooper (Parish Catchiest) via Fiona.Cooper@live.com who will send the documents to be completed and returned.

If you have any questions, please contact me as I am happy to answer any questions.

Stay safe Fiona

Parish Collections: Thank you to all who have kept giving to our parish during these difficult times. If any person who has not already and would like to contribute to the running of our parish during these strange times, please speak to Fr Paul for a Standing Order form. Alternately, after each Mass as we leave the church, there is an offertory box on the side table by the door into the foyer.

Children’s Liturgy: Unfortunately due to the present situation we are not able to offer Children’s Liturgy. If you would like any information to help your youngsters spiritually, please drop me a line. Fiona.Cooper@live.com

Over these past months to help our younger parishioners, a Facebook page is available, where you have the opportunity to visit our linked webpage, which shares the gospel by an activity sheet and an upbeat YouTube song and video.

Dear Lord Jesus, as a parish we pray for our young parishioners who we have not seen for a little while. We pray that they continue to love to learn about you, through children’s scripture and song, as families come together during these wintery days ahead. Amen

Children’s Liturgy Web Page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/home/childrens-liturgy/


From the Diocese of Nottingham

Caritas Discovery.  book for what’s coming up in January. Further information please click here https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

Update on Covid-19 and Vaccination:  Bishop Patrick has received a number of letters from concerned Catholics in regards to the new vaccine.  Further information is available on the following COVID page https://sacredheartloughboro.org/covid-19-parish-information/

‘Being a disciple web series’ – January is a time when we try and work at being a better person, why not explore how we can be a grow as a disciple of Jesus? On the 4 Thursdays of January we will explore a different aspect of what it means to be a Catholic disciple with Brendan Thompson the CEO of Catholic Voices in a web series on Zoom. Catholic Voices are an international organisation that shares the Good News in the global media. This will be a great foundation for parishes, chaplaincies and individuals to explore how we can support each other in growing as Catholic disciples. Register for the series here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMrcuygqjwpGdNBRC5NIQ46Eu1bleEg246A

For information on how to access things on zoom visit: https://www.dioceseofnottingham.uk/information/diocesan-commissions/01_commission-adult-formation/using-zoom

Additional Information within Parish Life

Nottingham Diocese Interaction News:https://sacredheartloughboro.org/interaction-nottingham-diocese/

To access the quick parish update page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/quick-updates-with-our-parish/

Children’s Liturgy Web Page: https://sacredheartloughboro.org/home/childrens-liturgy/

New Supporting Life Through Prayer and Traditions page:- https://sacredheartloughboro.org/supporting-catholic-life-through-prayer-and-traditions/


Proclaimer:- If you have any feedback about the new website design, please contact the website admin via the contact form here.

Mass Times

Please note there are no planned masses for the next 4 weekends due to COVID and wellbeing.

We are asking anyone who would like to attend and have access to the web to click https://massbooking.uk You will be asked to set up a log in account as seen below.

If you are not able to access the web pages, please speak to Fr Paul to book due to traceability.

If you need additional information please contact us.

Saturday Vigil
All services will follow the Government and Diocesan guidance

Children’s Liturgy

Please keep checking out this webpage whilst we are not able to meet.

Who are we?

Christmas 2019

We are a group of children who usually meet during our 10am Sunday Mass.

Unfortunately as we enter 2021, Children’s liturgy is still not able to meet during these strange times due to COVID – 19.

It is essential we keep everyone safe within our parish family.

When we are able to meet once again, we welcome all ages from being a baby to secondary school friends.

We listen to the Gospel reading and talk about it in a language we understand for being the ages we are. The best thing is we try and make a craft before we are welcomed back into Mass, after the prayers where we think of others.

Within 20 minutes of meeting our friends, we have listened to the story of Jesus, made something to show our family and even get a sticker for attending.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous, you can bring someone with you, may be mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparent, or a friend.

In the meantime so we continue to learn and have fun take a little look at the activity page and a song we can sing or dance to. See you soon.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I pray we all look after each other, as Jesus looks after us. I pray for family and friends, and for our parish we continue to serve. Lord I pray for this world of many challenges, and needing to do things differently to what we would prefer. Lord Jesus I know we are not alone and you are with us. We may not see but we know you will be holding our hands carrying us with your love. Amen

God bless Fiona

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

The Baptism of Jesus

Previous weekly songs to sing and dance too.

The lyrics are perfect for this weekend.


COVID – 19 Parish Information

Changes to our weekly service

COVID update within our parish. – 17.01.2021 

Thank you to all who understand why the decision was made to withdraw our weekly Masses from the public, for the next few weeks. Many of you said you were surprised we were still able to hold services due to present times and supported the reasons to why this decision was made, following the information and increase to persons during this lock down.

In this past week Bishop Patrick has received an update from the Coronavirus Places of Worship Task Force. The highlights of the discussion were as follows:      

There is no blanket closure of places of worship.  It has been asked that each Place of Worship should re-evaluate their own local situation and examine all factors that could affect the good covid security, demonstrated by places of worship so far.  This is to include (but is not limited to):

  • Sufficient stewarding and management of the venue
  • Sufficient cleaning after acts of communal worship
  • Maintaining good social distancing in the space available along with good ventilation
  • Factors affecting travel to and from the place of worship, such as public transport
  • The length of exposure time for an act of worship is critical and should be minimised – anything that is not necessary should be omitted.
  • Those who have gathered for worship should not mingle before or after the service outside of the church.  They should disperse immediately.
  • All non-essential worship should be postponed or cancelled

It was decided by our PPC and Fr Paul, for the safety of visiting clergy, stewards who are unable to support with services just at the moment and parishioners becoming very concerned, as well as some of the points listed above, we could not be guarantee due to our parish church layout whilst the COVID infection rate increases, the safety and well-being is paramount. Our parish will be closed for 4 weekends with the hope we will reopen on the 13/14th February, just before we celebrate Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

The PPC will revisit this time scale following government advice during the start of February. Please take into account this is what we would ideally like to do but this depends on circumstances at the time and how the COVID pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways, including how the vaccine program is going for the older generation.

I do understand our neighbouring churches may be open, taking into account their own parish family. You may wish to visit, but please take on board what the government is asking in regards to Hands, Face, Space, and  “stay at home”.

If you know of anyone who doesn’t have access to the parish website and would like to receive the weekly gospel reflection and a miselett with the weekly readings, please email me on Fiona.Cooper@live.com with their name and address, as I am happy to print and post parish news through their doors, because we all are part of the family of Christ.

I pray in June we can celebrate our Sacred Heart Feast day, where we all are able to come together and celebrate for many reasons.

God Bless and stay safe from all in the PPC team.


Information when attending our Parish Public Mass on the days we are open

Please find the Parish Risk Assessment during these difficult time for when we are able to open our doors.

The information below must be followed to ensure we are all safe.

Charnwood Tier 4 Lock Down- Public Mass within the Parish and COVID

As we are entering the season of colder weather, it is imperative we follow the information below. It is one of the ways to ensure we can keep the churches open, especially with Advent and Christmas in our sights. Please think:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hands-face-space.jpg
  • Do not attend Mass if you have any symptoms of COVID – 19.  
  • Face masks are to be worn at all times. (Remove briefly only to receive the host)
  • Stewards will be on duty at each Service.
  • At all times, use the distancing rule advised by Government.
  • Within the church you will see signage. Please ensure this is followed.
  • Enter the church via main door.  There will be a one-way system only.  Please do not go back on yourself.
  • Sanitiser is to be used before entry into the church via hand pump, located either side of the doors above the Holy Water font.
  • Within the church you will see areas where you may or may not sit.  You will be guided by the stewards.
  • You need to sit at the end of the pews and not the centre. The tape indicates this.
  • No hymn or service books will be used during Mass.
  • All kneels are not to be used, as these have been put out of action temporarily.
  • All prayers and dismissal will be said before we receive the Holy Sacrament.
  • You must take all your belongings with you as you will not be able to return to your pew.
  • A steward will guide each person when to receive the Holy Sacrament.
  • The Holy Sacrament will be placed in your left hand and NOT YOUR TONGUE.
  • Remove you face covering slightly to enable placing the host into your mouth. You must replace your face covering as you walk out of the church following the directional signs via foyer and exit. 
  • Please do not linger in the foyer due to social distancing.

A guidance to be followed please – Any queries please speak to our friendly stewards

How was this decision made – Urgent update from the Prime Minister and COVID-19

As many will have heard due to increase of COVID cases, the Prime Minister and his advisors have said from Wednesday 2nd December, all faiths are able attend worship once again, as long as all aspects of safety is carried out to reduce the risk of COVID 19.

To enable the christian faith to celebrate Christmas, we ALL need to follow the government guidance.

Information from the Nottingham Dioscese

Update on Covid-19 and Vaccination: In September 2020 the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales issued a statement COVID-19 and Vaccination (24 September 2020). In the light of the recent breakthrough in vaccine development they have now issued a follow up statement (3rd December 2020) which can be found on the CBCEW website along with the original September statement. The Bishop would be grateful please if you would circulate this information to your parishioners and include the link to this information to be found on the CBCEW website, and make mention of this please in your Parish Newsletters and Websites. Link: https://www.cbcew.org.uk/home/our-work/health-social-care/coronavirus-guidelines/update-on-covid-19-and-vaccination/


Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the Parish Priest, Fr. Paul Chipchase using the information below, or send a message using the form. You are also welcome and encouraged to speak to Fr. Paul informally after Mass if you have any queries.

To contact Fr. Paul Chipchase via the parish email, please fill out this form.

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